2 Apps That Improve Client Relations

By Lauren Fattlar

Edited by Katy Randolph

Ever wondered, “What makes clients return to the same business?” Surprisingly, the answer is simple. The business has formed a lasting and impressionable relationship with their client. A 2014 study with Relator Magazine found that, 93% of customers said they returned to a business because of the relational satisfaction they experienced when working with that business. In a fast paced and competitive environment, it is important to keep up on the latest trend in client relations. These Applications are guaranteed to improve client relations.


Nimble is the #1 rated social sales and marketing customer relationship management application available. One of the most important and fascinating features of this app is that it has a single view contact management feature. Meaning, Nimble’s app provides a view of the past, present, and future of your interactions with your clients. Additionally, Nimble gathers information and conversations from email and social media connections in order for the business to make real-time connections with their clients. Nimble is both browser and mobile friendly.


intercomThis application prides itself in being simple, personal and fun for everyone. Intercom is a multidimensional application that allows businesses to live chat with customers, announce new features and re-engage customers, and provide support through email and social media. The multidimensional platform allows the user to track and filter live customer data, which leads to better customer satisfaction. Intercom is available for web, iOS, and android applications.