3 Reasons Why Setting Goals and Measuring Analytics are Important in Social Media Marketing


As a social media consultant I run into many small business owners who are running social media marketing but have no clue what they are doing or really why they are doing it. They believe if they have a Facebook or Twitter account and post to them a few times a day that the business will get thousands of likes and retweets. After a couple weeks of using this strategy they realize things on the social media front are looking grey and stagnant.

The most common reason why the small business I met with were failing at social media is because they had no direction or goal to work towards. They were unable to measure if any of their efforts were paying off and unaware where improvements could be made. I compare their first journey of social marketing to sailing idly into the ocean without a destination. These small business owners are lost in an ocean of social media.

Goal setting is KEY for measuring your social media marketing efforts and to make sure you are effective. In other words you need a way to measure if all the effort you are putting in is actually paying off. Here are some tips for setting your goals to make your social media marketing more effective.

1. Don’t Waste Resources!

To run an effective social media campaign it takes a lot of resources to create and research the content, post the content, and engage with your following. For growing brands this takes time, people, and money. It’s BAD business practice to waste any of these resources! It could ruin your business. Set goals to prevent the wasting and unnecessary use of resources.

Create realistic goals of what your brand can accomplish. Allocate the proper amount of time for completing this goal and then continue to build up the goals once consistently met. This will give your social media efforts efficiency.

2. Be More Effective

I recommend my clients to use Google Analytics or some type of web analytics to measure the traffic coming to your website. Analytics will tell you how, when, and from where people are coming to your website. Are they coming from your social media pages? What search terms are they using to find your brand? Who is the customer that visits and buys the most from your brand? Once you learn all this information you can be very specific on who your target is. Goals can also be used with this as well.

For example, our brand’s goal to gain 5 followers a day by engaging with your target audience that we found from our website traffic. Knowing your target audience will help you be more engaging and help you figure out what message to send out on social media.

3. Be Target Specific

Web analytics is like having insider information about your target audience. With analytics you can track trends and habits of your target audience to learn what your audience is interested in and what they feel about your brand. In other words, analytics is a tool to figure out what makes your target audience tick and social media is the medium to give the audience what they want. Cater directly to your audience all the things about your brand they love.

Analytics will also tell you from where your traffic is coming from which is another opportunity for your to be more target specific. For example, I see 60% of my traffic coming from Google searches, 10% direct traffic to my website, 30% coming from Pinterest. I know that almost of a third of my traffic is coming from Pinterest and it is the social media platform my target audience is using the most to come to my website. I will shift my social media marketing efforts to be more targeted at Pinterest since I have so many people coming from there.

Putting it All Together

Social media is a very powerful medium for getting you brand out to the masses and can be a great tool for increasing your brand following. Social media can also be used in vain if you don’t have goals in place. Set goals and measure your progress in hitting those goals. Give your brand a purpose and structure for doing social media marketing. Avoid sailing idly in the ocean of social media, sail with a destination and purpose!

Kris Jones, UCommunicate Partner, K & J Web Designs Consultant



Kris Jones

UCommunicate Partner

K & J Web Designs Consultant

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