4 Reasons Why Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

You can help grow your brand by using social media as a marketing tool, no matter what you sell or whom you are selling it to. Some people wonder what social media marketing could do for them, or if it is necessary. Here are some reasons why social media marketing is essential to any brand:

1. Use Social Media for Web Traffic

Posting on social media can make a difference when creating a new page. A good post will gain the proper attention and help drive a targeted traffic, taking a post that was once receiving a handful of views a day and growing that by hundreds. Therefore making social media a great opportunity to capitalize on.

2. Using Social Media to Connect with Consumers

Social media can help build relationships with the interactions that are had with your customer base, starting with something as simple as a post or retweet. Social media is also great for gaining insight from audiences, answering questions about what products are bought and why, and from what websites. Another reason why social media is important is that social media ads can be customized to target users by things like location, education, purchase history, or pages they’ve liked or visited.

3. Social Media Marketing and Brand Image:

Social media allows for a faster response to problems, such as issues with products or services that you would like to know about instantly in order to take the steps necessary to resolve the problems. It has been proven that customers appreciate companies responding to customer complaints. Studies also show that companies with active social media profiles have more loyal customers.

4. Social Media Marketing Can Help Beat the Competition

With about 90% of brands using more than one social media platform, you do not want to fall behind the competition because it is a lot harder to catch up. If the competitors get to the customers first and gain their loyalty, you will have a hard time winning that customer over. Being active and engaging on a variety of networks will allow you to gain those customers, and make the competition have to catch up instead.

Here are just a few examples of why social media is extremely important in marketing your company. If you do not have social media, or feel like your company is falling behind in the social media aspect, feel free to contact UCommunicate and we will be happy to help you!

Author: Nicholas Wurzelbacher, Undergrgaduate Consultant Nicholas


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