4 Tips for Better Internal Communication

Internal communication is key to a successful business, but how do you foster cohesiveness naturally? We came up with four tips to help foster productivity and team-based success, stemming from better internal communication practices and a happier workplace.

1. Empower the middleman

While top-down communication is the norm, it doesn’t promote using time wisely because of how long it takes for information to trickle down. It also doesn’t generate successful middle-management. Putting more responsibility on the middleman fosters trust and accountability between top-management and middle-management. Additionally, it allows both parties to use their time for growth – whether it’s within their team or the company as a whole. But, what about the ground workers?

2. Practice listening through surveys.

If managers survey their employees, there is an opportunity to increase productivity and ways of doing things. This not only gives employees a voice and sense of value, but it saves time and resources while improving standards. It also opens a line of communication for those who don’t feel as comfortable giving feedback in face-to-face settings.

3. Promote transparency – especially between the C suites and the bottom half of the hierarchy.

If the high-level employees set an example of open communication, their employees will feel more apt to contribute their ideas. These employees are most likely to find better business practices because no one knows the day-in and day-out as well as them.

4. Don’t forget to have fun!

At the end of the day, a great workplace comes from happy workers. We’ve all had a job that would’ve been great had we enjoyed the people around us. Plan team-building events to foster personal relationships between all departments and levels. When people have the chance to get to know their co-workers outside of the office, they form relationships that can strengthen their motivation and trust.

With just a few simple steps, your workplace communication will improve immensely and make you and your employees much more productive.

Author: Carson Hoover, Undergraduate Consultant 

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