4 Tips For Writing a Cover Letter

As undergraduate students may know, having a resume is the most important document to spend a lot of time crafting to make sure it expresses yourself, while also making sense for the field you are intending to pursue. However, when submitting applications to internships, co-ops, or full-time jobs, there’s one more thing you should have handy: a cover letter. Cover letters are a more personable way for employers to get to know you before any face to face communication begins, as this is meant to inform them of what you can bring to their company. So, here are four tips for writing a cover letter. 

Your Cover Letter Should Be One Page Long

Within this page you should have a paragraph introducing yourself, highlight a few of the most important experiences you’ve had and how they qualify you for the position, and a closing paragraph that leaves the employer wanting to know more about you and what you can bring to the company. This is not meant to be a restating of your resume, but complementing it and going more in depth of a few key experiences. 

Use Action Words

 When describing past experiences that qualify you for the position you’re applying for, don’t be afraid to use powerful verbs. For example, if you were the membership chair of a sorority you could talk about how you “united 50 women from different backgrounds while educating them on a shared history they now all have in common”. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Your Own Hype Man 

In a cover letter you want to sound confident and come across as someone who has educated themselves on the position you are applying for. It’s also okay to try and write to show your personality while still sounding professional. You want to come across as personable and to create some sort of connection to the person reading this cover letter. 

Ideally, You Should Have a Different Cover Letter For Each Job you Apply For

Because no two jobs are the same, if you have the time you should change your cover letter to match what the employer is looking for in a candidate and highlight the points each job stresses as the most important. 

Writing a cover letter can be confusing at first, but hopefully these four tips have given you some insight on how to make yourself more presentable as a young professional in the job market! 

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Sarah Dieterich 

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