4 Tips to Enhance Your Interview

One of the most important parts of a job search is the interview. Being able to interview well is an important skill to have, and being able to talk professionally and convey your message efficiently is an important skill you will always need in the professional world. Whether it is face to face, through a Skype call, or just a phone call, interviewing is an important skill to strengthen and always be improving. I met with a business student who is a TA for a career preparation class, and he had four major tips for people on how to improve your interview skills.

1. When preparing, pretend you’re the interviewer

Practice is key, and knowing how to practice for an interview is important. Make a list of potential questions you could see an employer asking you during an interview, such as why are you qualified for the position and what makes you passionate about the organization. Feel free to have a friend pose as the interviewer, and see if they can come up with any questions too.

2. Know the job description you’re applying for

Knowing the job description inside and out can help you appear to be more knowledgeable about the position. This also helps you cater your responses to the specific job you are seeking.

3. Come to the interview with questions

When interviewing, make sure to enter the interview with a list of questions not necessarily found on their website. Avoid asking questions you can find online such as benefits or hours, and focus more on questions such as expectations the company will have for you and learn more about the attitude of the company.

4. An interview is an information exchange, not just a review of your resume

You don’t want to spend an entire interview going over what’s already written about your resume; potential employers can read about your accomplishments on paper. Instead, focus on qualities such as dedication or other skills you’ve learned from these jobs that can be applied to the position you’re interviewing for, and what from your past experiences shows you can be an asset to the company.

Interviews can be stressful and hard to prepare for, but with these tips try to remember that you can only perform as well as you practice!

Sarah Dieterich

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