4 Tips To Make Sure Your Speech Goes Well

Being nervous for a public speaking appearance is a common fear, and is a normal feeling to have before presenting yourself in front of others. Whether there is a crowd of ten or a thousand people, there are easy ways to prevent speaking apprehension, and taking the pressure off when you’re up to bat. 

Practice, Practice, Practice… 

It seems simple enough, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but practicing really helps. Even if you’re just reading your presentation aloud to yourself, going over what you’re planning to say and hearing it out loud can help cut out the filler words such as “like” and “um” when you forget what you were saying halfway through a sentence. 

Keep Your Message Simple 

While you might be there to impress your audience, it’s definitely not impressive when you add overly complicated content that backfires. Make sure you have a concise and specific central point that all of your details relate back to. 

Remain Calm, Take the Crowd Out of it 

One of the WORST things you can do before speaking is panicking. If you think you look nervous, chances are you do, and the crowd will notice. Whether you use breathing exercises or find other ways to keep calm, just imagine the crowd isn’t there and tune them out.  

Be Yourself 

The most important step in speaking to a crowd is being yourself. Your personality can’t be replicated, and being able to express yourself through words and excitement is an integral part of keeping the crowd interested and active. 

Public Speaking can be a daunting task, and rarely do people excel at it on their first try. The best thing to do is practice, and prepare before any appearance. Remain calm, keep it simple, and always remember to just be yourself.  

Jason Greenberg

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