5 Reasons Why Research in College is Important

Many people in college wonder whether research is useful to their future careers and if it can help them discover a potential career after graduation. Below are five top reasons why you should consider doing research in college.

1. You can focus on a specific passion

While many research methods are free and easy to access, it is important to remember that these research platforms are not going away. Research can be tedious and to some, it may be boring, but there are only positive outcomes at the end. Once you begin your research process, it is easy for your interest level to be heightened and for your research to be productive.

2. Expand your knowledge

Using books, databases, and interest are great ways to expand your knowledge about certain topics going on throughout the world. Using our easily accessible resources such as the library, the internet, and databases allow you to obtain free information in a timely manner. By expanding your knowledge through research, you can also share your knowledge with your peers and people in your network.

3. Increase public awareness

Oftentimes, we as the public aren’t aware of a certain issue going on until we hear it by mouth or on a social media platform. However, researching certain topics of importance gives us the ability to diminish uncertainty and for us to all become more aware of the world around us. Doing research regularly is a healthy habit that everyone should pick up. Terry Freedman says, “Research can shed light on issues we didn’t even know existed and can raise questions we hadn’t realized even needed asking.”

4. You can be involved in fact checking to make sure information is reliable

It is likely that when someone researches something, it is because they have heard multiple factors that may or may not be true about the matter and they want to figure out the truth. Researching the topic of interest is the only way to find out the ultimate truth of a matter while gaining knowledge on the topic as well. Making sure your sources are trustworthy and reliable is also another way to make sure you are getting the most truthful research.

5. Research offers you a chance to network with professionals

Research is a great way to find opportunities that can benefit your career, social life, and especially education. Taking on opportunities can broaden your social and professional networks as well. By tackling opportunities through research, it allows you to network with other people which can ultimately benefit your career, social skills, and to get more out of your education.

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