5 Tips for Working with Millennials

By Taylor Walker

Edited by Katy Randolph

Let’s face it, times are changing, especially in the workplace!  Baby boomers are one of the largest generations of active workers, although, millennials are entering the workplace with very different outlooks on their employment opportunities.  Baby boomers have identified their strength as “organization memory, optimism, and their willingness to work long hours” (Gilbert, 2016).  Millennials, however, are known to be well educated, experienced in technology, able to multi-task and full of energy.  Millennials have now become the largest age group to enter the workforce since the baby boomer generation.  Since these two populations are drastically different in their approach to the workplace, employers need to be aware of their differences and make adjustments in their models.   Here are 5 tips for working with/hiring millennials:

  1. They want to feel empowered

Millennials grew up in a time when parents strived to teach their children to be individuals.  Millennials have been known to enter the workplace with a sense of entitlement.  Creating opportunities where millennials can take responsibility at a smaller level at first can be helpful and make them feel valued.  Also, pairing them with a mentor with whom they can regularly discuss their career and employment opportunities can also give them a sense of empowerment.

  1. They want to have an influence

Millennials want their voice to be heard and to be viewed as a contributing member of the team.  They do not necessarily need the final voice, but knowing that their opinions and/or contributions influenced a decision will make them feel a part of the business.


  1. They want to grow

Millennials have strong mindset to keep growing, and yes this could mean outside of the company.  They want to continue to move-up the ladder.  In comparison to baby boomers, millennials have an interest to keep looking for opportunities that provide challenges and advancement potential.  If the company embraces their eagerness for challenges, they will feel their personal growth is invested in and stronger relationships will be built.

  1. They want to have a work/life balance

Millennials favor having a healthy work/life balance.  They have a desire for workplace flexibility and advancement in technology.  By having a focus in technology, millennials can work in remote places which allows for a healthy work/life balance.


  1. They want feedback

Millennials want to hear how they stack up and prefer frequent reviews of their performance.  Providing checklists, offering help and rewarding them for contributions can help them remain more engaged.  Concerning feedback, providing informal notes about their work is a good supplement to formal semi-annual performance reviews.

Overall, do not be scared to hire millennials!  Baby boomers and millennials each have skills that can help strengthen a company.  Employees from both generations can learn from each other as well.  These five tips can help form better relationships in the workplace which should result in better performance.