5 Ways AI Is Changing The Workplace

Ready or not, AI is quickly altering the way human resource professionals manage their workforce. Many people are opposed to change, but this is also something to be excited about. The continuous evolution of Information technology is changing the business landscape by enhancing HR productivity.

“AI can help you to handle recruiting, productivity, and retention more efficiently than traditional HR methods. At the same time, it also allows you to do it faster than ever before,” says HR specialist, Donald Southern.

So, here’s ways to improve HR using AI:


Approaching a deadline? Can’t find the time to come up with a training session? Don’t fret. AI has the capabilities to successfully organize, plan and coordinate training programs for staff members of varying departments.

Talent acquisition

Companies and HR managers can benefit greatly from the use of AI regarding talent acquisition. It can drastically increase the quality of hiring decisions while also saving money. Although AI is unable to review personality and face-to-face interviews, the software can evaluate, read, and scan applicants quickly eliminating 75% from the recruitment process. This immensely helps recruiters and allows them to focus more on analyzing and evaluating eligible candidates.


Once hiring a new employee, there are many things that need to happen to ensure they are adapting to their new working environment. New employees tend to need a lot of attention and HR managers often times cannot dedicate enough of their time. Thankfully, AI is able to customize onboarding procedures for every employee and any position. It was found that new employees who received catered onboarding programs had much higher retention rates than their peers who didn’t have the same opportunity.

Performance analysis

Imagine being able to measure how engaging and productive your employees are? With AI, HR managers are able to set clear objectives and let all units work in smaller increments. In result, it is able to notify which employees need to improve their productivity and those whom continuously lack engagement.


Even if your company has the best recruiters who bring in great employees, it is difficult to determine how long they will stay with the company. Over 60% of organizations consider retention to be their biggest weakness. However, AI has the capability to analyze and predict the needs of staff members. Also, it can determine who should get a raise or who may be dissatisfied with the work-life balance. This analysis with allows HR professional the option to be proactive and solve the issue before it occurs.

Today, the smartest companies are using AI to redefine the ‘human’ factor in HR. It has become easier to improve overall performance results and monitor employees more efficiently. In a nutshell, it is an exciting time to be in HR!


Author: Tori Bere, Undergraduate Consultant

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