5 Ways Social Media Benefits Your Business

1. Increase Brand Recognition

Whenever it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter, being active on these social channels definitely drive you more brand awareness from your customers. In such digital world with many visuals, motions and bunch of information cycling everyday, customers are more likely to be distracted. Their average attention span is only 8 seconds, which is equal to that of a fish! This is where social media jumps in as it helps re-target the customers already exposed to your product or service on multiple networks. For example, a customer is likely to engage more in a new product if she sees an article on her Facebook feed of how this product solves her problems after she filled out a lead contact form at company’s social event. Social media is also important in making your brand easier to approach for new customers.

2. Enhance Brand Loyalty

Customers wants their voices to be heard by brands. No matter whether it is a complaint or a positive feedback for a product, customer expects companies to recognize and reply back as soon as possible. However, it is no longer a brick-and-mortar game, customers now look for companies that reward them for a positive review or tackle their issues right away via omnichannel. Therefore, marketers or any customer service agents need to take benefit of social platforms in this scenario. A company’s re-tweet about a product issue problem is undeniably more effective and faster than waiting hours on hotline or driving miles to nearest branch. Recognizable, fast and effective, these elements of social media could greatly improve customer loyalty among businesses.

3. Increase Inbound Traffic

Without social media, your brand is only limited to existing customers or anyone that searches for you through keywords rank. Though search engine optimization (SEO) is something all marketer should take into account, it takes more time and effort than social media. The more high-quality content you feature on social platforms, the more lead traffic you are generating for your business site. According to Hubspot, customers will come to your brand if they find any content related to their current problems. Ucomm highly recommend you start using content calendar on all social channels to manage what content you should post, for whom and when to post.

4. Boost Brand Authority

Having conversations with your customers on a regular basis increases faith in your brand among community. For current customers, that is a strong sign of companies caring about them. This makes those customers become loyal ones and hence promote your brands to their families and friend or other segments. Additionally, the more you are active and accommodating on social media, the more new customer you are able to acquire as people come to a new brand if they feel a strong sense of authority and faith from that company. Last but not least, Google and other search engines are now calculating your social media presence and putting them into ranks, Being active on these channels means your company are trustworthy and legitimate, which make search engines rank your keywords higher in the search results.

5. Improve Customer Insights

Utilizing social media enables businesses to take advantage of social listening- one of crucial ways to learn about customers in present context. This does not only help you recognize customers via omnichannel but also better segment your market targets based on newly-gained insights. For instance, monitoring and analyzing comments on Facebook or Tweets of customers let brands know how their customer behaves and what they are really interested in. Thanks to that, marketers will be able to develop a better customer persona, hence target the market with more personalized and relatable contents.

Author: Duy Nguyen, Social Media Specialist

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