5 Ways To Boost Your Branding

Whether you work for a fortune 500 company or are a local shop owner, branding is an important aspect of any successful organization or company. Good branding shows consumers who you are as a company and helps set your organization apart from others. Here are five ways that your company could boost its branding.

1. Define your brand

Be consistent with all visual aspects of the brand to create a brand identity. Sticking to a color palette and logo will make your brand visually recognizable. Make sure all your social media accounts linked to your organization are following this theme and include the logo. Having a consistent theme throughout all social media accounts can help users recognize you and create a connection. Also, all accounts belonging to members of your organization should use the same color scheme and logo to add to your organization’s brand identity.

2. Show your personality

This is your opportunity to tell the organization’s mission. A clear mission will naturally show a personality. This is also a perfect opportunity to identify tone and formality that is personalized and can be used throughout different communication channels. Your personality should be consistent from channel to channel.

3. Get it on social media

Social media has become a prime spot to brand over the years. On social media, it is important to show off your logo and personalize all content so that followers can start to recognize you. Make sure your bio reflects your personality and desired brand identity. Adding branded visuals and hashtags is an easy way for people to see who you are and engage with you. With that in mind, engagement on social media is a two-way street. It is important to listen to feedback and engage back with your followers.

4. Post consistently

Make sure your organization is consistently putting out new content. Putting out new content will remind people that you exist and create an opportunity for engagement. Posting consistently doesn’t have to mean posting every day, but rather sticking to a schedule so followers are anticipating new content. A good way to ensure you are sticking to a schedule is to have one pre-made, such as a content calendar.

5. Watermark images

Watermarking images add a personal touch to pictures. This will help with your consistency because your images will be branded and look more relevant to the organization. Luckily, there are free apps to help you with this process. Some popular include Marksta, iWatermark, A+ Signature, PhotoMarkr, eZy Watermark lite, and iVideoMark.

So, be sure to follow these tricks of the trade to outshine your online competitors!


Author: Jessica Tomak, Undergraduate Consultant 

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