5 Ways to Stay Busy While In Quarantine

Do a 30 Day Challenge 

Whether you like to paint or play soccer, now is the perfect time to focus on improving upon a  hobby or skill. You can make up your own challenge or find one online to participate in and share your progress on social media to motivate and inspire others! At the end of the 30 days you’ll have a month’s worth of new content and have made tons of progress, and it’s a great way to stay consistent in your daily routine. 

Start a Virtual Book/Movie/Music Club 

Staying inside alone all day can get to feel pretty isolating at times, so taking activities that you’d usually do alone and doing them with friends is a great way to feel more connected to people! You and your friends can find tons of free E-books online and use Netflix Party to stream shows and movies together. Your group can also use Spotify or YouTube to make collaborative playlists and share new music with one another. Plan movie nights or a virtual book club brunch date to chat about your favorite parts of the book while listening to everyone’s favorite tunes! 

Sign Up for All of the Free Trials  

Many online programs and services are offering free trials while everyone is home with plenty of free time. You can try the Adobe Creative Cloud programs like Photoshop and Premiere, streaming services like HBO and Amazon Prime Video, Logic Pro, and even Rosetta Stone for free for a limited time. So go binge all the movies you’ve never seen and learn a new skill or language while all of this premium content is free! 

Upcycle Your Old Clothes and Items 

Upcycling is the fun version of spring cleaning – take the pair of jeans you never wear and  cut them into shorts or paint and decorate old boxes to turn into cute storage containers. There are plenty of DIY upcycling ideas online, and it’s a fun and easy way to get “new” customized items without spending any money. 

Explore Your Neighborhood 

Going out for a daily walk is a great way to get a change in scenery and a bit of fresh air. Grab your earbuds and go down a street you’ve never been on before, visit a nearby park, or find your new favorite picnic spot! With the trees and flowers blooming, taking a walk on a sunny spring day is almost guaranteed to improve your mood while getting you a bit of exercise, too. 

Hopefully you find these ideas useful, and that they help you stay productive during these crazy times. Keeping yourself busy not only keeps you from doing nothing all day, it helps your brain stay sharp and healthy! 

Amina Adesiji 

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