6 Ways To Make Your Event Stand Out

How do you separate your event from the thousands of other events that go on every year? How do you get event-goers to choose your event over the many others that are just like yours? Make your guests care and get noticed to become a lovable event that event-goers mark on their calendar each year, with a few simple tips and tricks like these!

 1. Ask for song requests on your RSVP

Will there be a DJ or a band at your event? Have guests send in song requests on their RSVP’s so they come excited to hear some of their favorite songs at the event. Engaging your audience with decisions even as small as a few song requests will leave them eager to attend the event.

2. Live Stream it on social media

Create a feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) by live streaming your event through your Instagram or Snapchat Stories. Those following along will see the success of the event and be encouraged to attend or sign up for years to come. Get your guests involved by featuring them in the stories by highlighting their favorite parts of the night, then you will have feedback on things to keep and evolve for years to come.

3. Send out a survey

People love their thoughts and opinions to be heard, especially if there are factors of something they didn’t particularly enjoy. A few days after the event send out a survey monkey asking specific questions about the event and what guests may have liked or disliked. This feedback will help engage these guests and also give the planners an idea of things that need to evolve and change for years to come. But, this feedback can also point out all the positives of your event and what was successful enough to carry on to years to come.

4. Have a charitable cause involved to encourage guests to donate more, or purchase more tickets

Include a feeling of support in your guests by having a charitable cause associated with the event. Whether it’s part of the proceeds/donations being donated or some sort of clothing or food drive guests can participate in. Having this charitable cause may encourage your guests to donate more or be more passionate and connected with your event knowing that it’s not just for your company but will be helping others as well.

5. Create a captivating hashtag

Create a hashtag so your guests can involve themselves in the event as well and live tweet and post about it. Give your guests a designated space where they can take their own photos to promote your event on social media. Being able to search this hashtag after this event will also lead you to plenty of photos and tweets that can be used for promotional content for years to come!

6. Have promotions and prizes available

Give your guests the option to get money off on their tickets, free drink tickets or more. For example, “sign up by November 5th and receive one free beer coupon!” This may positively boost the number of your RSVP by offering guests an option that will also benefit them if they sign up to attend.

Just doing these few simple tips and tracks may increase your attendance and positive reaction to your event. Happy planning!


Author: Lucy Ferut, Undergraduate Consultant 


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