5 Tips For Promoting Your Event On Social Media

Nowadays, you need to work harder than ever to advertise your event. You’re constantly competing to get people’s attention. They have people to meet, movies to see, sporting events to attend. So how do you make your event stand out? Here are 5 tips for promoting your event on social media.

1. Create a unique hashtag.

A special hashtag will give attendees something fun to associate with the event and can increase your turnout. Keep it short and to the point so that the tag stays relevant. More importantly, make sure to implement your hashtag as you promote the event. In addition to your social accounts, use it on your website, emails, and applications.

2. Create an event on Facebook.

Making an event on Facebook will give you a space specific to your event. Not only can you post updates about your event, but attendees can interact with the page as well. They can say they’re going, post onto the event page, and share it with other friends. Make sure to include your hashtag in the event description!

3. Utilize social media advertisement features.

Facebook allows you to promote certain posts to a particular demographic. You can even utilize remarketing, in which Facebook targets users who have already visited your website. Twitter gives you the option to promote your tweet or your account. Make sure to promote a tweet with details about your event! For Instagram, you’ll have to convert to a business profile before promoting your post.

4. Network with others who can spread the word.

Do you have connections with other people or organizations who have many followers? Have them share a post about your event. This will expose your event to a whole new group that may have never reached on your own. If you have a speaker or performer, encourage them to promote the event. Their friends and family may want to come to show support!

5. Share content to create buzz.

Find a way to show a behind the scenes look at the event to get attendees excited about the event. This could be pictures of your speakers, of equipment, of the venue, etc. Another way to to do this is through live video streaming, which is available on Facebook, Twitter, and

Instagram. Pre-event content is a great way to engage people who have already decided to attend your event.

Using social media as another means of promotion is a great way to increase awareness of your event and increase attendance!

Author: Adam HesselbrockUndergraduate Consultant 

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