A Guide To Personal Branding

Branding is not only for businesses these days. With social media on the rise, it’s important to create your own personal brand if you’re planning on a future career in Social Media Marketing. This career field is growing immensely, and having your own established personal brand already gets your foot in the door. So, where do you start? Well here, I have some tips for you. 

Determine Your Vision & Audience 

Having a clear aesthetic is important, because this makes your potential audience gravitate towards your page. Not only is the aesthetic aspect of your brand important but knowing who you’re creating this aesthetic for is also key. For example, your vision and mission could be about body positivity specifically for high school students who feel insecure about this stage in their life. You’ll want to make that vision known through captions, hashtags, and what content you are posting! 

Build Trust 

Once you have your established audience, you want to make sure you have a trusting relationship with them. It’s tough these days to really trust a personal brand or influencer because we never really know if they truly believe in the products or if they are just endorsing. If you’re simply just trying to create a personal brand and not really be an influencer, you have to make sure that you are in touch with honesty. Keeping it real on social media is a great way for future employers to see the ethics and principles you hold close to your heart, and eventually for your career. 

Build Your Network 

Building your network does not mean becoming one of those people who follow a bunch of people just to get a high follower count. This is not a great way to build your network or build trust with your audience. You do of course want to follow others with the same interests as you, and brands that you are a fan of, but don’t follow people just to unfollow them later on. Commenting on posts from a brand or influencer you love is a great way for people to notice you and check out the personal brand you are building! 

Have Fun 

I know, it’s cheesy but it’s true. You can tell when someone is building a personal brand just to get free gifts from brands or do sponsorships they don’t really care about. Being passionate about something and having fun with it is of upmost importance. Loving what you do and having an emotional attachment to it will create a better experience for you, and for all who are cheering you on.  

Putting good energy into your social through inspiring mission statements, trustworthy relationships, meaningful bonds, and just overall having an enjoyable time will make your space one that prides itself in inclusion and uplifting others, and develops a personal brand positively viewed by employers. 

Brittany Collier

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