Women Work Wonders

To women pursuing a degree, a career, and confidence:   She shoots, she scores. Women are so incredibly powerful, especially in 2018. The impact that women have had on society in the history of our nation is something to admire, especially as women continue to pursue degrees and careers. As this past Tuesday was Election Day, we know that women […]

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How to Create a Promotional Video

As Social Media begins to develop, digital marketing has become an important way to promote products. A promotional video is a very effective visual advertisement methods, this is because it delivers information effectively and encourages consumers to share this information to their peers.   A promotional video is a video or short film that promotes or advertises something. There are several steps […]

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How to Use Exclamation Points

  Everyday, people around the world struggle with the same question: to exclamation point or not to exclamation point? Exclamation points can be friendly, but they can also be too friendly. Over text messages, they can show excitement, but they can also make it seem like you’re yelling. In a work email, they can lighten the tone, but also look […]

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