How To Up Your Instagram Game

Editing your pictures well and consistently is the key to a professional-looking and aesthetically pleasing page. While Instagram offers an array of filters to choose from, it does not allow you to edit your photos thoroughly. There are different apps, both free and for purchase, in which you have more freedom to edit your pictures. My personal favorites are VSCO […]

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Advertising Tips and Tricks

Online marketing

Advertising is a great way to get the word out about your business, an event, or anything you would like. Through the University of Cincinnati, advertising with The News Record not only will get the word out to faculty and students, but will also help benefit the student-run organization. In addition to the weekly print tabloid, The News Record launched […]

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Experience Experiential Marketing

In the digital age, everyone has a smartphone and people are looking for something more exciting than what is happening on the small screen. The market is getting more competitive each day due to the advancement of technology, which raises the bar of consumer expectations to a new level. Nowadays, brands are craving for a new marketing execution to make […]

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