Building Confidence in High-Stress Situations

Growing up in today’s society, there is so much pressure to constantly act, dress, and look a certain way. This stress that we feel to act as though we have everything under control can seem overwhelming at times, especially when we add the pressure of trying to be professional in certain situations on top. Personally, I feel as though we all have roles. We have our role in our social, school, family, and business worlds. One thing I have realized is that young adults in our society feel like they lack the experience to feel confident in these situations, especially in business situations. In the attempt to help young adults like me feel more confident in high-pressure situations, I have come up with a few tips that I use to help me feel calm, composed, and collected whenever I deal with pressure.  

First, I always try to wear something I feel comfortable in. The way we express ourselves through how we dress shows a lot about the person we are trying to portray. Because of this, I make an effort to wear something that shows who I am yet also something that I feel confident and comfortable in. 

Second, I try to feel excited. According to the successful motivation speaker Elizabeth Jarema, the only difference between anxiety and excitement is what we tell ourselves in our head. After hearing this, I began to practice saying to myself out loud that I am excited before every high-pressure meeting or situation I have. I genuinely feel the anxiety turn into excitement and I smile as I think about all of the good outcomes that will come after I nail whatever it is I am trying to do.  

After I feel that little burst of excitement, I go into a bathroom, look at myself in the mirror and give myself a little motivational pep talk. It may sound embarrassing, but I promise, smiling and telling yourself you are going to kill this meeting or interview or whatever it may be, is one of the most empowering feelings ever. My little motivational pep talks are my most favorite part of these steps, so I highly recommend you try, even if you feel silly! 

Finally, I visualize my success. In the past, I found it easy for my mind to begin to think about everything that could possibly go wrong in my meeting or interview. However, I have found that when I visualize myself succeeding before I actually go into the meeting, I feel more confident and excited going into the situation. 

We all feel nervous before high-pressure situations. But this should never hold us back from accomplishing something we’ve worked for! If you do your best and prepare, there is nothing to be afraid of. I hope my tips helped, and good luck with your next high-pressure situation, you’re going kill it. 

Ashley Martin

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