UCommunicate Alumni Panel

UCommunicate is thrilled to announce that we are holding a UCommunicate Alumni Panel on Tuesday, April 2 from 3:30 to 5 in McMicken 127. Our panel will consist of at least four alumni members. Each panel member was a student of UCommunicate for at least one semester at UC, and has currently graduated and is involved the professional world. The […]

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UCommunicate Spring Picnic

UCommunicate is excited to announce that we are holding our first ever UCommunicate Spring Picnic on Thursday, March 28 from 3:30 to 5:30. The picnic will be held on McMicken Commons. The two-hour long picnic has a lot on the itinerary beginning with our current UComm students that work with USpeak talking about what we do in UCommunicate to an […]

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A Guide To Personal Branding

Branding is not only for businesses these days. With social media on the rise, it’s important to create your own personal brand if you’re planning on a future career in Social Media Marketing. This career field is growing immensely, and having your own established personal brand already gets your foot in the door. So, where do you start? Well here, I have some […]

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