How to Use Exclamation Points

  Everyday, people around the world struggle with the same question: to exclamation point or not to exclamation point? Exclamation points can be friendly, but they can also be too friendly. Over text messages, they can show excitement, but they can also make it seem like you’re yelling. In a work email, they can lighten the tone, but also look […]

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Instagram Stories as a Powerful New Way to Engage

When the Instagram Story feature was first introduced, users were skeptical. Most claimed that the addition was simply copying the Snapchat Story. However, as Instagram Stories approaches its one year anniversary, it’s clear that it has changed the nature of the app. Instagram has grown to 250 million daily users, continuing to widen its lead over Snapchat which currently has only […]

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Why You Should Join UCommunicate

Are you interested in joining UCommunicate? Well, you’re in luck, everything you need to know will be included in this blog! Be sure to read more about our organization and why you should join our team! Established in 2014, UCommunicate is a student-based communication service firm housed in the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Communication. Comprised of Undergrad and Graduate […]

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