Comm Undergrad Video Contest


Like Funny Videos?

So do we!


That’s why we’re willing to pay you for them!  To help get the word out about our amazing Communication Department and get you excited about being a part of it, we are promoting a video contest, open to all COMM undergrad majors and minors.  See details below:



-Videos must answer the prompt “What are three reasons to love the Comm Department at UC?”

-Videos must be 60-90 seconds long.

-You can develop the videos as individuals or in teams of up to 5 people.

-Videos must be submitted as a YouTube Link and sent to by Sunday April 6, 2016 @midnight.

-If submitting as a team, when you email your entry, please send only ONE email per team and CC all your teammates in the email.



1st prize: $250

2nd prize: $150

3rd prize: $100


-All participants will have the opportunity to earn a spot on our departmental YouTube Channel & all the bragging rights that come with it.

-Winners will be announced at this year’s COMM celeb event on April 14th and notified by email.


Note:  All prize money will be awarded to students on their UC Bearcat cards, per University regulation.



So get your creative juices flowing, talk to your friends and rally!  We look forward to your submissions!




Your friends at UCommunicate & the Department of Communication


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