Developing Your Social Media Brand

As a new member to the social media team for UCommunicate, there has been a lot of new information thrown my direction. This new information has included learning how to brand your social media, whether that be branding towards yourself, a university, or your job. Social Media branding would be defined as managing your company image, identity and market position, as perceived by the market, across digital networks. It is very important nowadays that your social media reflects you as an individual but doesn’t lose sight of the brand you stand for, while also remaining professional. In this world everyone is interacting online, therefore if you do not already involve yourself with the social media world, that should be the first step you take. If you already have an account but feel as though there is too much content to filter through, here are some good ideas to help you clean up your social media accounts and help to start creating a brand! 

Filter Content or Create a New Account 

It may be possible for you to go through and delete things that may be considered inappropriate or controversial to a professional. Another option would be to keep one account as personal and create a strictly business professional account for a fresh start. If you decide to start fresh, be wary of what you like or retweet. Anyone can see that content and may find that content unprofessional. 

Stay on Brand 

When working under a university or job, many officials or potential clients may check out your profile as a means of credibility. Make sure you stick to your jobs brand guidelines and keep your content appropriate. You never know who could be observing your account by social listening.  

Curate Your Feed 

You want your feed and content to reflect you as a person without becoming inappropriate. Do not follow or like/repost any accounts that could be considered unsuitable for the workplace. Instead, share content of articles or inspirational stories that are on brand and establish your credibility as a professional. 

Use Hashtags and Visuals 

Hashtags are a great way to brand your content since every time that specific hashtag is used, it creates a tag that holds every tweet with that hashtag. However, be wary of how often the tag is used. If used too often it can come off as spam and does not feel as personable. Adding a visual or GIF helps catch the readers eye and switch up content. 

Another generalization: be aware of the accounts you choose to interact with online. If some improper account follows you, block them. On the other hand, if a professional account follows you, thank them for the follow by direct messaging them. It helps create a connection and it is polite. Maybe you will end up having an interesting conversation! 

This all depends on how you want to create your brand while following the guidelines of your job or universities brand as well. Be kind, be intelligent, and be professional. Take some time to go through your social media and think about how someone professional or a future employer might view your content. I hope some of these key tips have helped motivated you to be more aware of the content you put online and lead you toward a successful path. 

Noah Elliott 

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