Dressing For Success As a Woman In the Workplace

As a woman in the workplace, it can often be difficult to decide what is best to wear in your everyday work setting. Fashion is one’s greatest form of self-expression, not only in personal life, but also in professional life as well. Although it is crucial to express yourself through how you dress, you should also be wary of how you present yourself to those you work with. Employers are more concerned with the work you do, not what you’re wearing. There are various degrees of formality to follow and it is important to determine which is acceptable in your place of work. Jeans or slacks? High heels or flats? By making sure you are dressed according to the standards of your workplace, you will be sure to make a great impression. 

The first step of deciding what to wear is to figure out what is expected in your place of work. If you are a new employee of a company, make sure to ask what employees should wear. The dress code will be anywhere from traditional business attire (Suits, skirts, pantsuits and heels), to casual attire (jeans, a nice blouse and casual shoes). Once you discover what is expected of you, it is time to start making your wardrobe unique to your own style. 

Here are a few ideas of what to wear based on your workplace’s dress code: 

 Business Formal 

For women in a traditional business environment, it is best to go with a classic solid pantsuit, white blouse or a skirt (tights are recommended). Pairing any of these pieces with a pair of close toed high heels will guarantee a great first impression. 

Business Professional 

A little less traditional than business formal is business professional clothing. More freedom is given with patterns and colors in this style of dress. A nice colored blouse with a jacket and skirt will look nice in this workplace environment. Again, close toed shoes are highly recommended. 

Business Casual 

One of the most popular dress code levels is business casual. A nice sweater or button up with almost any pattern or color is acceptable. Dress slacks or a skirt give your outfit a more laid-back look and are much more comfortable. Any style of close toed shoes will go with this casual outfit. 

It isn’t hard to spend a fortune when shopping for business clothing. It is crucial to find pieces you feel comfortable in and can express yourself. To save money and look just as good, try thrifting to find what you need. Thrift stores have plenty of used blazers, pant suits and business causal clothing that won’t break the bank. Don’t get too carried away, though. All you need is a good 6-10 outfits that you feel comfortable in. 

 What you wear is one of the most important aspects of making a great first impression.  By following the guidelines of dress code and finding what matches your style best, you can look professional in your workplace. Most important of all, just be yourself and dress how you feel most comfortable. 

 Delaney Walsh 

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