Event Planning: Using Social Media Before, During and After Your Event

When developing a plan to promote an event, it is important not only to promote it beforehand, but also to work to create buzz while the event is occurring and after. Using social media during special events can help capture your audience’s attention and increase brand awareness, which will keep them engaged long after the event is over.

Facebook events do more than promote your event. It can be used as a call to action; to invite guests to purchase tickets or donate to a cause; or direct potential guests to your client’s website. The event page is often the first place people go to learn about an event and get basic information about it. The Facebook event page can also link to other social media pages to increase buzz surrounding your event.

Twitter and Instagram should also be used to share additional event information. This engagement forms the basis of the buzz that can be created during the event itself and will keep people interested in your client’s organization after the event is over.

When planning an event that relies on social media, it is important to create hashtags that guests can use leading up to and during the event. Hashtags not only help create brand recognition, they can also help organizations find their target audience and are one more way to call an audience to action.

Hashtags should be short, to the point, and present on all social media posts promoting the event. You can also include it on paper invitations or fliers. Your event’s hashtag should also be visible at the event to encourage guests to engage on social media by posting photos and videos with your hashtag.

After the event is over, your hashtag can be used to gauge guests’ reactions, promote other organization events, and to create recaps of the event to share later. You can ask guests to share memories from your event using the hashtag and also include the hashtag in thank you notes to your guests to keep the conversation going.

Social media marketing for events is an essential tool for anyone interested in event planning. It not only promotes the event, but can help increase overall brand awareness and strengthen social media engagement for the organization. 


Author: Heather Rottenburger, Graduate Consultant

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