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I have been a Bearcat through and through since birth, but once I was actually committed to attending UC I realized that I knew almost nothing about how I could get as involved on campus as I was during high school. During my Bearcats Bound Orientation in the summer of 2018, I went around to the booths of some of the organizations on campus, and right as I was about to leave, I found it: The University of Cincinnati Choruses (UCC). I discovered that I would have the ability to continue singing in college without having to be a voice or musical theatre major. For the past 2 years, UCC has been my home and I have grown as a performer with the group and even taken on multiple leadership positions in the organization. It really is my perfect fit and I sometimes feel the need to pinch myself to assure that this wonderful place that I’m in is part of my reality. To find your version of what UCC is to me, check out these helpful tips below that can assist you in finding your place on campus.

Check Out CampusLINK 

CampusLINK is a free resource for students that provides them with an opportunity to see and learn about all of the wonderful organizations that UC has to offer in one convenient place. You can search by name, branch, and category to discover exactly what you’re looking for. This link will take you right to the search page: 

Take A Look At Those Bulletin Boards That You Pass By In Every Building  

I often find myself sorting through these to clean them up and clear out the outdated ones and have found some interesting clubs and events hidden in the sometimes-chaotic mix. Here you will see everything from class advertisements, club meetings, specific programs or majors, and events on and off-campus. 

Attend the Fall and Spring Organization Fairs 

The locations and dates vary for these events, but they are always jam-packed with organizations that want you to join them. By going to these fairs, you can learn about a fantastic organization or club from a person who is an active member of the group, so you can get the inside scoop. 

Eventually, I found the groups that I was meant to be in, and I am so happy with where I am today! I am currently involved in these organizations on campus: UC Music Club, UC Toned Down as the Head of the Social Committee, UC Choruses as the Director of Recruitment and Co-Coordinator of the Alumni Concert, and of course UCommunicate as the Director of Internal Communication/HR! If you stay focused, like I did, on the goal of finding your place on campus and make a conscious effort, you are sure to discover the places that you will belong to. 

Featured Photo by Mary Callaway LeBus

Sara Brogan 

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