Five Apps To Help Your Social Media Presence

Looking for ways to take your social media game to the next level? In today’s flooded app market, it can be difficult to pick out a tool that will actually help you boost your online business. We save you the stress of digging them out from the digital space; here is a list of five apps that can bolster your company’s online presence.


It is the perfect tool to understand and improve performance on key social media metrics. Iconosquare will help you analyze your engagement, from the average number of likes on posts, growth in followers and even the best times of day to be posting. For Facebook and Instagram Iconosquare can help you make smarter decisions by using these insights and even save time by being a two and one stop where you can plan and schedule your posts. Last neat feature? Iconosquare can help you find the best influencers for your business by refining your influencer search with exclusive criteria that you plug in.


Not quite sure how to use Photoshop but still want to make fun, captivating graphics? Canva is the place for you. Canva is like Photoshop for dummies. On desktop or app, you can make countless graphics, flyers, headers, newsletters and more to help enhance your businesses look.

Gif Maker

Ever have that video that perfectly describes your mood and you just need to have it in GIF form for the perfect Tweet? Well, this app will solve all those problems. Gif Maker can make GIFs out of your live photos, video or using multiple photos in a row. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s free!


Planonly is the perfect app if you want to create the most pleasing Instagram aesthetic for your brand. With Planoly not only can you schedule your posts, but you can also plan and arrange the look of your Instagram feed with their drag and drop feature to get that perfect aesthetic. With Planoly you can also plan and arrange your future Instagram stories as well as track your analytics to better understand your audience. Planoly is also free but to get more advanced features a subscription cost will come into play.


Mail Chimp

Now MailChimp may not directly benefit your social media platforms, but will surely benefit your audience, especially if you have ever had the want to begin Newsletter of any sorts. MailChimp is the perfect website to start that goal. On MailChimp you can draft and create beautiful newsletters, with multiple different templates MailChimp makes it easy to share big news, tell a story and create email newsletters that best suit your message and brand. Just like Planoly, MailChimp offers many free features, but the more features you want, MailChimp does have a subscription fee.

Just mastering one, or all these apps for your brand or business can mean positive results for the future.


Author: Lucy Ferut, Undergraduate Consultant 

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