Going To College Far From Home

Whether you’re attending college two hours away from home or four states away, this choice will take you out of your comfort zone. No one warns you about how uncomfortable it is or how homesick you will get even when you thought you wanted to get away from your hometown. Chances are, you’re unfamiliar with the city, have no close family or friends with you, and have to use a map wherever you go. Even going back home every weekend sounds much more appealing than you wish it did.  Having some tips on how to have a great college experience without being homesick can go a long way to make your 3+ year journey in college bearable.  

One way to help battle homesickness is to make friends who can relate to you. You might assume you’re the only one who’s not from that major city 20 minutes from campus, but chances are, there are many more students who are missing their home like you. Having people who can relate to the struggle will always better the situation. Thankfully in today’s world, technology makes getting in contact to friends and family a breeze. There’s no shame in Facetiming or Skype calling back home every few days, in fact, your parent will more than likely love hearing from you.  

You are also allowed to visit home more often than people tell you. There’s an unhealthy negative connotation that comes with spending your Saturday nights in with your parents that should not exist. There is no “right” amount of time to spend in between visits home. It’s different for everyone and it is up to each person to decide what they expect from their college experience. For some, maybe that’s going home every other weekend, for others maybe it’s once a month. Whatever feels right to help you still enjoy your university and to not feel homesick. 

This tip may sound obvious but printing out some of your favorite pictures of your friends and family and taping them to your wall or framing them on your desk can go a long way in helping fight the homesick feeling. This way, you can be reminded of home when you feel stuck where you are. 

Lastly, find places that remind you of home. If you always went to a cozy little coffee shop in your hometown, try and find that perfect equivalent in your new city. Find whatever place gives you nostalgia, but also some comfort in your new city. 

College is all about having new experiences and although being far from home can be hard, even those homesick feelings can be looked back on with gratitude. Home may be a certain city, family, person, or house, but there’s only one of you, so take advantage of where you are in life and savor every moment. 

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Grace Wilson 

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