Golden Rules of Personal Branding

I am a personal branding advocate because I believe everyone should have the opportunity and knowledge to showcase their uniqueness. In order to become your own self-promotor, you have to self-reflect and determine who you are. My 5 Golden Rules of Personal Branding can serve as your guide in order to effectively construct and present your personal brand.

Refresh Your Lens

Step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to stay updated on the most recent trends! Social media and technology in general are constantly changing. So, stay on your toes and broaden your horizons. Take a varying perspective on social media and be willing to share your brand on various platforms!

Define and Share Your Expertise

To develop your personal brand, you need to know your areas of expertise. Determine where your knowledge lays, what you are proud of, and what makes you truly individually unique and authentic. Once you have determined these aspects, share with your audience! Enlighten others on your ideas.

Be Consistent

No one likes a phony; be true to yourself! One of my favorite personal branding quotes is “Be yourself – everyone else is already taken” by Oscar Wilde. Take his advice. When you are developing your brand, ensure it encompasses your true identity. Do not pretend to be someone you aren’t.

Know Where Your People Are

In order to express yourself and share your knowledge, you need to define your audience. Whomever or whatever this may be, determine where these people are – maybe they are on a specific social media platform or blog. Know where to access your audience so you are able to share information you are proud of and to interact with them.

And Finally, Engage With Others

Build a two-way channel and engage with your community. You want to ensure you are active in your interactions while bringing worth and value. Don’t be afraid to like someone’s social media update, congratulate them on LinkedIn, or simply leave a question or comment on their feed. Make a new friend.

When developing your personal brand, be sure to keep these 5 Golden Rules in mind and use them to assist you on your way! Personal branding is essential; own yourself.

Morgan Hillis

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