Google Analytics: The Good and the Bad

By Lauren Fattlar

Edited by Katy Randolph

Google Analytics is an instrument businesses and companies can use to help boost their sales and get more visitors.  It is a free tool that tracks and reports website traffic and could be used for any start up or a blog.  Analytics is a great source to find how many visitors a website has, and what they do while on the site.  It is also useful tool for many website projects, like finding out which online campaigns garner the most traffic.  It can determine where visitors are located around the world and which demographics visit the most. With Google analytics, you can also track what your visitors on your site are searching for.  It is possible to see specific keywords that they enter into the “search” function of a website.  The feature can also track what people click the most on a site and can determine the best and worst performing pages and content.  Google Analytics can also track how many visitors have viewed it from a mobile phone.  This can determine if a mobile app is right for a company.  Google Analytics has become an extremely popular tool for many companies.

With all the great options that Google Analytics offers, it cannot measure the “entire picture.”

Google Analytics may not be the best tool to measure the value of public relations.   One of the major focuses of public relations is building brand awareness and visibility.  It is not necessarily looking for website traffic or leads.  While this is very important, it is not the upmost goal of public relations.  People want a brand that they can trust.  Trust cannot be bought.  Public Relations looks beyond what Google Analytics can “track.”  Some values that are important in determining the value of public relations are the total mentions, publications, sentiment, and social amplification.  These give a better glimpse into the value and trust of the organization.  Google Analytics is a wonderful tool to help track your web presence, but it should not be the sole determinant of your company’s value.  Evaluating the value of public relations and the brand awareness are equally as important.