Graduating College Early? Here is What You Need to Know

As someone who is graduating college within 3 years, I notice the strange stigma that exists and discourages students from graduating early. I am here to normalize this idea and inform all “early” graduates what they NEED to know about graduating early. 

Start Planning Ahead 

When you decide that you would like to graduate early, start planning. Determine your college course load per semester, define your skills and interests, and get involved in various clubs, organizations, and internships to gain relevant experience.   

College is not “Easy Breezy” 

College can be challenging. Before you decide to graduate early, discuss with your family and guidance and academic counselors. This opportunity is not meant for everyone. Reflect, and then make this personal decision. 

Your Academic Advisor is your New Best Friend 

If you plan on graduating early, you will need to have regular meetings with your academic advisor to ensure you are on track. I recommend meeting with your advisor at least twice a semester to discuss your classes and prospective graduation date. They are here to help you, so utilize their advice! 

Take ALL of the Opportunities you are Given 

If you are graduating early, you have limited time in college. Believe in yourself, put yourself out there, and do whatever your heart desires. You do not want to live your life full of regret.  

Finally, DNot Let Anyone Discourage You 

Please make decisions that are beneficial to your situation. If you are capable of graduating early and are interested in graduating early, feel empowered to do so! Make these decisions personally; not concerning what others might say.  

Graduating college early is an accomplishment; be proud of yourself! Your college experience is your own and it is up to you to make the most of it. Thus, if you decide you want to graduate early, make this decision for yourself and reference my 5 key tips.   

And as Kevin Malone from The Office might say, “why do 4 year when 3 year do trick?” 

Morgan Hillis 

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