How Important Is Graphic Design and Are You Doing It Right?

In today’s competitive business environment, graphic designers are more important than ever. Logos are essential for establishing a brand’s unique identity. Branding is needed for social media pages as well as websites. Print materials such as business cards, leaflets, and signage help to market a company. But, why are these designs so important?

Graphic design provides a way for businesses to more easily connect with their audiences. For example, if a consumer sees a unique and aesthetic logo, they may be more inclined to buy the product. Graphic design is also important for establishing a company’s name. Seeing a visually pleasing logo again and again will remind people of the brand behind the logo.

Graphics can also be utilized to convey a specific brand message to target consumers. For example, a musical note may be used in a graphic to attract fans to a music festival. Graphics also help consumers view your brand as being “more professional” which will persuade them to think about your brand in a more positive manner.

To create a graphic, a designer will combine visual art and typography in a way that is dependent on the medium. Most designers utilize digital graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator to make their work. Canva is a great, easy-to-use tool if you’re a beginner looking to make designs. One popular approach to graphic design is pairing contrasting fonts together so that they balance out. Icons and shapes are also often used for many different purposes. For example, you can utilize a circle to represent a percentage, similar to a pie chart. However, the truth is that there is not a single formula for making your design. Every designer will have their own process that will meet a specific end goal.

But how do I know if my company is doing this right? Ultimately, your designs should accomplish two goals. First, your design should be made to target a specific audience. For example, your design would be different if your target audience was teenagers versus senior citizens. Secondly, you should maintain continuity across all of your platforms. For example, a poster may look different from a business card, but both should maintain the brand’s font, logo and color scheme. This will help to achieve effective visual communication with your audience. In turn, meeting these goals will help you approach graphic design the correct way so you can represent your brand to the best of your ability.


Author: Adam Hesselbrock

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