How Social Media is Changing the Game For Marketing and Advertising

With social media permeating all level of businesses and brands, there are some exciting trends in the marketing and advertising space. The fast-paced landscape of digital media is changing the traditional techniques marketers once found effective.

Marketing is now a two-way street 

Prior to the ample number of social media outlets, marketers were extremely limited in the way in which they advertised, as well as being solely responsible to do so. Now consumers can be responsible for some aspect of advertising.

So, do you think you’re just tweeting your opinion about a company? Well, a consumer’s words, whether good or bad, can serve as an ad for their own followers to reflect a company’s strengths and weaknesses. Websites that allow and encourage reviews like Yelp and Facebook also serve as easy platforms for consumer curated marketing pieces.

Customer engagement is just a click away

While a consumer’s social media post may serve as an advertisement for a company, it also provides an easy outlet for a marketer to interact with the consumer. It allows companies to engage in real time with the praise or complaint the consumer is throwing their way. Not only does social media open the door for immediate feedback, it makes problem-solving much easier for both parties which often results in instant satisfaction of the consumer.

Personalized ads to stay relevant

Through social media, marketers can track consumer data easier than ever before. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram work together to display ads that are relevant to consumers search history. This concept explains why you might be seeing ads for the online shopping portal you were just scrolling through immediately pop up amongst the rest of your feed.

Live video is making a splash on all social media platforms 

A 2016 survey conducted by Buffer found that 80 percent of marketers desired to generate more video in their advertising strategies. Of the 80 percent, 42 percent wanted to exclusively work on curating live video content to share with their consumers. Live videos grant the opportunity to humanize a brand and gives our lazy eyes a break from reading a social media or blog post.


Author: Kayla Abbitt, Undergraduate Consultant 


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  • That’s a good point that you could have personalized adds for people on social media. I feel like that would be more effective since only the people that would have interest in the ad would see it. I’ll have to consider using social media for advertising if I decide to start a business.

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