How to Build A Strong Instagram

As a Communication student, I’m constantly hearing about social media. My second year is coming to a close and in the back of my mind there are all these strategies and tips, as well as the never-ending “do I use hashtags or not?” argument. 

At this moment my Instagram has over thirty-thousand followers. I accidentally became a social media influencer in high school, and I did it without knowing anything about brand development, content strategy, or even what the true purpose of a hashtag was. 

So, here are three things I did to organically build my Instagram that will help you begin to build yours.  

I Found My Niche

Now that I’m in my second year as a Public Relations student I realize that what made my Instagram grow so quickly was that I found my niche. I had accidentally developed a brand. Because of this my platform became well known among people with similar taste, and I attracted companies looking for those with my interests. When someone looked at my profile, they knew what they were going to get, and they expected that from me whenever I posted. For me it was books (look up #bookstagram). For you it could be food, design, quirky coffee shops, or whatever it is you’re interested in. Find your niche, develop it, and draw from it for everything. 

I Used Consistent Editing 

I cannot stress the importance of this one enough. Unless you decide to make your platform about editing, using a consistent editing system is key. This will make it so much quicker for you to push out content, and it makes your feed look more organized. Choose a filter (I used VSCO then and I use it now) and tone it up or down with each picture. Have a set way you do touch-ups and use consistent markups (afterlight is amazing). This will make your Instagram more aesthetically appealing.   

I Found Internet Friends 

This is where the hashtags come in handy. When I was building my Instagram one of the biggest reasons, I grew were the people I found. Find a community to be part of. Comment, like, share, and follow new people each day. I like to keep a list of hashtags in my notes and pull out three or four I think go with each post and then go to that hashtag and look through the posts that are on there.  

So, there you have it. These are three of the simplest ways I built my Instagram. No matter how big your Instagram currently is, try these out and watch your platform grow and take on a whole new look.   

Featured Photo by Korinne Bailey 

Korinne Bailey 

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