How to Create a Promotional Video

As Social Media begins to develop, digital marketing has become an important way to promote products. A promotional video is a very effective visual advertisement methods, this is because it delivers information effectively and encourages consumers to share this information to their peers.


A promotional video is a video or short film that promotes or advertises something. There are several steps in creating a promotional video. These steps include, strategic planning, pre-production, production, and post-production. After these 4 steps, your promotional video can be distributed. 


To begin the first step of strategic planning, the following questions should be considered. What is the purpose of the promotional video? What is the goal of the promotional video? Who is the target audience? Then, think of genre and create a brief story outline with script, storyboard, and budget. 


The next step, pre-production is the process of planning technical aspects. This is used to create the promotional video. Those in this field may wonder, how do I deliver the correct information or how do I film and reach the end goal? You need a concrete plan to make it happen from a technical standpoint in order to reach your target audience.


Production means filming, this also means putting your plans into actions. Make sure you are following the strategic plan you set for yourself. A tip to use would be to shoot more B-rolls. This will help you in case there is a better looking scene, than what you may have planned for.


The last step is to edit the videos, or post-production. It is time to transfer your footage into making a real promotional video. Make sure to review your video at least three times before exporting the promotional video! This would be a great way to avoid a jump cut. 


Each of these steps are crucial when creating a promotional video. It is important to keep these steps in mind during this process! If you are in need for a promotional video, contact UCommunicate and we will be sure to help you through this process!


Author: Wenqian Ye

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