How to Create a Successful Blog

Blogs are a great way to connect with people in the world around us. There are many things to think about when you are starting a blog. First of all, what is your blog about? Is this a personal blog, or a blog for an organization or business you work for? Once deciding what your blog will be about, you can gather an idea about who you will be writing this blog for. There are many ways to reach this step, make sure to keep reading to see how! Staying organized is key to a successful blog! Make yourself a content calendar. This calendar will contain each blog title and the date you intend to post it! This may sound easy, but it takes a lot of strategizing and planning. Do you have social media? If you don’t, you will need to download Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This is a way to share your blogs with other readers. Encourage your family and friends to interact on your blogs, this will create traffic which will engage other readers.


What is your Blog About?

This can be a very simple yet difficult. Again, think about if this blog is meant to be more personal or professional. If personal, you can have a bit of leniency. You can write posts about your own interests and even include your day to day routine. However, if professional, you may want to include topics that are aligned with the organization or business you work for. Once deciding the topics you will write about, you will need to decide who the blog is written for.


Who is your Target Audience?

The target audience are the readers who will be reading your blog! A good way to find out who these people are, would be to look at well known blogs similar to your own. You can find who your target audience is by seeing who is commenting, posting or sharing on the well known blogs. Knowing your target audience is important because these are the people you are writing for. For example, I have a personal blog where I target college women. Within my blog I reference beauty, TV shows, food, and college life. Understanding your audience will make a big difference once you begin to post to your blog!


Creating a Content Calendar

As I stated before, a content calendar contains the titles of your future blogs, as well as the date you intent to post your blog! A great tool to use is Microsoft Excel! However, if you are not an Excel pro, a simple blog planner or Google Calendar will do the trick! My advice would be to work at least 1-2 months in advance on your content calendar! This way if you need to switch blog topics around, you can do so in an easy manner. This strategy will benefit your blog tremendously by keeping you organized!


Using Social Media to Endorse your Blog

Social Media has become very popular within the last decade, it is an amazing tool for business owners, and a fun app for teenagers. But this is also a great way to share your blogs! Posting your blog is obviously the most important part, but posting on social media about your blog is just as important. When you share the link to your blog on social media, you are creating traffic that drives your audience to read your blog. Once your audience reads once, they will be more than likely to return to read more! A tweet with a simple caption and your blog linked can go a long way with viewership. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all great ways to connect to your audience!


Creating a blog can be fun but a lot of work, putting effort and time into it will show in the outcome! Use these helpful tips when creating your blog and you will be successful. I hope you enjoyed the read, and happy blogging!


Author: Catherine McNeil


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