How To Create Short Videos to Brand Your Organization

A short video is a great way to do tell a story and build up your brand. It is cheap but efficient. Most social media platforms provide opportunities to post a video. So, how do you create videos to effectively brand your organization? Here are the four basic steps to making short videos. 

Step 1: Consider Your Audience 

Think about your target audience, or you want who to see this video. You can use the analytics function on each social media platform to analyze your audience demographics. Then, decide who you want to target. Audience analytics are important because you want to deliver your message to the person who will be most influenced by it. 

Step 2: Decide Content and Length 

What kind of information do you want to deliver? If you want to introduce your organization, you may want to create a promotional video. Also, how long should the video be? In social media, less is more. Try to keep your video short. Usually, an official promotional video should be 60-90 seconds. In other videos such as event promotion, 30-60 seconds is a good length.  

Step 3: Content Development 

In this step, you will need to process several things. First, create an outline of what you will say in the video. Then, draw a storyboard to see what you need to shoot. After that, develop a shot list to decide how to shoot. The next step is to set up a schedule and invite people who will be in this video. Then, follow your schedule to shoot and edit.  

Step 4: Publish and Evaluate Your Video 

In order to make your short video work effectively, you need to create an appropriate post to indicate the major purpose and brief content of the video. To evaluate its effectiveness, you can keep an eye on social media analytics results. See how many people watched your video, and how many people interact with your page. Also, check if you gained more followers, page likes, or page visits in the hours after posting your video. 

To summarize, remember the principles of a short video: keep it short, deliver information briefly but clearly.

Wenqian Ye

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