How To Find Clubs That Are Right For You

Do you have a hobby or something you love to do but it has gotten away from you during college? Do you miss being in clubs? Often when you come to college, people have a long laundry list of all the things you are “supposed” to do such as build your resume, work, get good grades, work out, and the list goes on and on! With all of this stuff to do, when do you have time to do what you love? 

When I came to college this was one of my biggest worries. In high school I had a lot of passion about music and singing, but I wasn’t going to be a music major. I wondered if I would ever sing again (it isn’t easy to sing in a dorm) and I was stressed about it. So, what now? 

I started with a simple google search about clubs on UC’s campus. This led me to a page called Campus Link ( where you can sign in using your UC credentials and see all of the clubs /organizations on campus! You can search for any kind of club you are interested in and see things like their contact information, executive board members, and meeting times. This is a great resource to use when looking for a group that shares your passion!  

From this simple search I found UC Choruses and I have been a member since I started college. I truly cannot imagine my college experience without that organization because it gives me the opportunity to unplug and do what I love. Finding time to do something you love is great for your mental health and it will allow you to take a step back from your life and breathe!  

Head to Campus Link and find a club that you are passionate about today!  

Amanda Pace 

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