How to Have Quality Face-to-Face Conversations

Communication between two people can be difficult and being effective at conveying what you are trying to say to another person can be even harder. It is very important to develop this skill to better understand what each person expects from one another in conversation. In this blog, I will discuss how to better communicate with that person right in front of you to help you nail the job interview, spark interesting conversations with an old friend, or really connect with someone you care about.  

The first skill in face-to-face communication is to make eye contact. I know it may sound a little awkward but bear with me. The first rule of communication is that you can’t not communicate. Maintaining eye contact while speaking shows that you are confident and trustworthy whereas averting your eyes can lead to the other person feeling disrespected. Just don’t stare too much to where it can be uncomfortable.  

The second tip in developing a good face-to-face relationship is deciding what to say and how to say it. I personally have struggled with these aspects until recently, and I have to say the best advice is to really think about what you’re going to say next. When you stutter, it really leaves something to be desired when you stand there having already forgotten what you were going to say. My biggest problem was that I would mumble towards the end of my sentence and would have to constantly repeat what I said at a louder register. Always remember to be firm, slow, and loud in what you say. It shows that you have put more thought into what you want to convey.   

The last tip on how to better communicate with others is; listen more, talk less. Showing you have excellent listening skills tells everyone around you that you are engaged in the conversation at hand and understand what’s going on. Try to understand what the person is saying, think about it, and then respond is the best way to communicate for a more enriching, active and positive interpersonal experience.  

Casey Dannemiller 

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