How to “Secure the Bag”: Building and Becoming Your Brand

The phrasesecure the bag” has become a popular statement within pop culture.


This simply means figure out how you are getting to your end goal, either being a financial achievement or the completion of a(n) job/internship opportunity. It is your responsibility to secure a plan however, in order to do that you must start building your brand. A person’s brand is how they want to be perceived in social, academic, or professional spaces. With this, you have to make sure you are letting your greatest qualities flourish in a matter of what you are bringing to the table.


The following are the top 3 ways to mold your brand, especially for those who are current college students, preparing for their future:


1. Defining Your Brand

Who are you and how does that shape your identity? Where does your passion lie? What are your strengths and weaknesses?


These are a few questions to consider when trying to define yourself.

After thinking of these questions, create a list of the qualities and skills you would like to highlight, and provide evidence to represent your credibility.

(Ex. Interest in event planning, credibility could lie within the number of programs implemented, efforts put into research for the proposal and/or the results of attendees or money fundraised)


From there, it helps to then come up with a slogan/phrase or even a pitch that helps you stay grounded in what your brand entails. This doesn’t have to be something you present to someone, but a constant reminder for yourself before entering an interview or meeting.


2. Set & Track Goals

When you think of your goals, you want them to be feasible andshould focus on the field you plan to enter. If interested in Public Relations, you could set goals revolving around social media presence or if interested in becoming a Professor, a goal could be enhancing your writing capabilities.


Next, you have to consider how often you should set these goals and once you do, determine a solid game plan of how to achieve them. You must track everything you do, in order to address where success is happening and where improvement is needed. If you consider yourself “tech say”, you could research phone and computer applications that can keep you informed of the progress you’re making. (Reminders, Google Calendar, Strides,, etc.)


3. Receive Feedback

Accountability. This concept has to be found within yourself and can be located in those you trust; family, friends or mentors. After figuring out who you are and emphasizing what makes you the best candidate, to becoming more organized and structured, you must now share this gathered information with someone whose knowledge will be received as constructive criticism. Our judgement can sometimes block alternative ideas, so receiving an outside perspective shows us a different but needed point of view.


To build and become your successful brand, take these 3 tasks seriously. It can guide you to your dream job, where you “secure the bag in the end.


Author: Rockia Harris 

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