How to Take Photos for Social Media

In today’s culture, pictures are worth a thousand words. They can tell a story, depict an emotion of the author or describe an event. But how do you take the “perfect” picture? And how do you know which picture to post on social media?  

The first question you should always ask yourself is what do I want to represent? In other words, what’s your brand? Whether it’s sports, music or just having fun with your friends, you should always be aware of what exactly is in the picture before you post it. Something I always ask myself is, would I show my parents this picture before I post it. This will save you the criticism and the trouble your post could give you in the future. 

Whether you’re using an iPhone camera or a DSLR camera, you should always take advantage of negative space. Negative space is the area surrounding the subject of the photo. For example, if your friend were to be standing against a pink wall, the pink wall would be the negative space and your friend is the subject. Utilizing the negative space will put more of an emphasis and focus on the subject, making the image more aesthetically pleasing and clear for viewers.  

Understanding the light and the exposure of your photo is also a very import asset of taking the “perfect” picture. When it’s a super sunny day, you need to find a shady spot to take your picture or you have to create your own shade. This will allow the lens or phone camera to focus on your subject. Then, through editing, you can lower the exposure or the brightness if it needs to be toned down. It’s important to note that when editing, you don’t want to make your photos too saturated or too vibrant. You should want them to look more realistic rather than too edited.  

Angles are essential in taking photos. While you may have an angle already in mind, you should always take a lot of photos from different angles because they may end up turning out to be great photos. It’s more important to do this when a person or people are the subjects of the photo because everyone has a preferred side or doesn’t look as good from a lower angle compared to a higher-up angle.  

Lastly, make sure your image tells a story. Make the viewers wonder what’s happening in the photo or what’s going to happen next. If you decide to post a picture of yourself or you and a friend, make sure it’s appropriate and represents you well. Does the photo show off your humorous side? Does it show that you have fun or that you’re an artsy person? These are just a few tips to help your social media feed be more successful through photography. 

Mary Callaway LeBus 

Featured Photo by Mary Callaway LeBus

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