How to Take the Best Pictures For Your Social Media

Include people, especially your favorite people

As humans, we are more interested in other human beings than we are latte art. Your brunch out may have been delicious — post that on your story. Other people in your life are far more interested and will pay more attention when there is a human in the picture.

Align with the grid

Use the grid on your iPhone to align the vertical lines of interior walls, buildings, trees, etc. with the camera’s vertical lines. Try to think like an architect everything is laid out in a straight, precise, and parallel grid.



Display details

Pay attention and look around you for things others won’t notice. Look up, or down, or around and take a photo from a different angle than eye level. Since iPhones are incredibly mobile, and almost everyone can take pictures anytime, anywhere, paying attention to the composition of the horizon or how the light is hitting your subject will make your photo stand out.


Create space

Frame your subject to create some blank space in your photo. This creates balance and

harmony, and it gives the eye room to focus on the subject instead of other “noisy”objects fighting for your attention. Remember the rule of thirds —let your subject fill up 1/3 of the space, and allow the blank space to take the rest.


Add angles

A mobile phone is so small and portable — take advantage of how much you can do with that. Explore different perspectives: get close, keep your distance, get overhead, low to the ground, capture straight on, etc.




Look for Layers

Adding layers introduces depth to your photos. The quickest way to accomplish this is to have an element in the foreground that contrasts with the background.


Tap to expose

Composition is important, but so is lighting. If you don’t know immediately how to correctly expose the image, tap on different parts of the screen to see how it changes. Using an iPhone, you can also drag the sun icon up and down to change your exposure levels.


Taking advantage of editing apps

If you want a consistent “look” to your images, or you want colors of your images to pop out, you can use photo editing apps like VSCO or Darkroom, which are both free options for iPhone users.


If you have it, use portrait mode

It blurs the background and makes the person POP with a crispness and clarity almost even with professional photographers.


Be patient

We live in a quick-paced society with so much to do, and it seems like not enough time to do it. This can translate into taking pictures and we can settle for “good enough.” Sometimes if you want to make your picture stand out, you have to wait for just the right moment. Using burst mode can help you ensure you capture that moment.


Take pictures that you like

As a photographer, it’s easy for me to get caught up in what I think others will want to see, or what they like. I have to remind myself to stay true to my own style, and that my pictures will naturally look better if I create content that I care about.



Author: Esther George, UCommunicate Visual Creative

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