How To Up Your Instagram Game

Editing your pictures well and consistently is the key to a professional-looking and aesthetically pleasing page. While Instagram offers an array of filters to choose from, it does not allow you to edit your photos thoroughly. There are different apps, both free and for purchase, in which you have more freedom to edit your pictures. My personal favorites are VSCO and Lightroom, which are both free apps for your phone.

The process that I go through when editing my pictures is as follows: I typically start with picking a filter. Filters make an image lighter or darker automatically. Next, I edit the exposure. I usually take my exposure down to help enhance details and sharpen lines of the image. I then move to contrast, which I always increase. Increasing the contrast of an image has been the most useful thing I have learned from a professor about editing pictures.

If you feel that your image is blurry and you want the edges to be more defined, sharpening is only part of the answer. The contrast will make up for the other half of it. You should adjust the exposure as you adjust the contrast because it may make parts of the image too dark.

My favorite tip for editing portraits is decreasing the highlights (in VSCO it is called highlight save) because this makes skin appear less oily and more smooth.

After you have edited the picture, you post it along with a short innovative caption. Feel free to add a few hashtags but don’t overdo it. While it is important that each picture looks good, your page should look cohesive and consistent. People visiting your page will notice and appreciate it. Using the same filters and editing processes will give your page the aesthetic look you desire.


Author: Abby Shoyat, Undergraduate Consultant 

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