Journaling Makes You A More Effective Communicator

Writing is, and will always be, an important facet in life. Whether it’s writing papers for class, publishing scientific findings, or something as simple as making a grocery list, our lives are centered around writing. However, for people whose lives are centered around written word, as we grow older, we tend to spend less time focusing on our writing.

In the digital era we live in the idea of hand writing most things has become less and less common as our phones improve and schools become more centered around having an online cloud for information. Where I remember turning in a “sloppy copy” of my work and then spending hours polishing and rewriting, this can all be done with less effort and be more legible through Google Drive.

Even with all the options to express ourselves digitally there is still an importance to hand writing, especially journaling. In an English class I took last semester our professor made us write in a journal at least three times a week for a grade. The theory behind this was the more we wrote, the better our writing in general would be. As the semester went on, I did find myself spending less time writing with our prompts in addition to papers for other classes and helping a friend with speeches for a public speaking class.

Because of this, I think it is important as in developing as a professional to journal. In addition to a way to express yourself, journaling is a way to value the meaning words have behind them, and the intention of physically writing them down and keeping them for an extended period. It also improves the ability to summarize main events in a few sentences and learn to elaborate on points you are passionate about.

While journaling might seem like one more thing to add onto an already too-long list, this skill is important in and out of the workplace and can help you more effectively communicate with others.

Sarah Dieterich

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