Kick your career into gear with UCommunicate Public Speaking Bootcamp

He came to us asking for help with his accent and his voice projection. We said “SURE!!!” –even though we had never done this type of work before, despite us having lot of training and experience in public speaking and other communication skills. This was the start of a UCommunicate public speaking skills bootcamp.

Bhaskar Majji is a professional in the Instructional Technology (IT) field, originally from India. After living in the United States for 10 years he had a firm grasp on the English language but he needed some coaching to fine-tune his skills, including accent reduction and voice projection. Bhaskar’s concerns were rooted in the presentations he often gives as part of his work. Because he struggled with certain sounds, some members of his audience could not understand his message as well as he preferred. In addition, because Bhaskar’s confidence was low his projection and volume suffered as well. After learning about UCommunicate through our website he was curious about how we could help.

Our Director Autumn Miller and Steve Ingham, the UCommunicate Teaching Assistant and Graduate Consultant, quickly teamed up to design a personalized and individualized plan for Bhaskar. Through video instruction highlighting certain sounds and personalized sound exercises and training on public speaking techniques, in a few short months Bhaskar improved both his English clarity and projection.

Moving forward, we aim for this program to become a staple of UCommunicate. Our services previously focused on public relations and marketing but a public speaking skills bootcamp will expand our services to meet the needs of clientele in more diverse fields, such as IT. Our program aims to assist any professional looking to improve public speaking and interpersonal communication skills like confidence, accent reduction, projection, delivery techniques and organization, as well as interviewing and leadership skills. It allows professionals to take the next step to enhance their careers as more businesses are looking for employees who can effectively and efficiently communicate.

In an interview with Rohan Shah, a Talent Acquisition Sourcing Specialist at Systems Evolution, Inc., he emphasized that businesses are increasingly on the lookout for interview candidates who are competent in their field as well as able to simplify jargon into terms that are accessible for an unfamiliar audience. One of the exercises Shah uses when interviewing candidates is to have them get together with other candidates in a casual setting to see how they communicate with each other outside of the office. This exercise helps him determine if the candidates can be personable without the pressures of work.

“Companies hire more for culture than skills nowadays,” Shah told us. They are looking for candidates who communicate comfortably with their coworkers and can help foster a sense of community within their office. UCommunicate’s Public Speaking Bootcamp provides an opportunity for those who have the skills necessary to succeed in the IT field to learn the aspects of communication that will put them at the top of the interviewee class and get them hired.

“It’s a very flexible schedule. It was tailored to my individual needs, and Steve and Autumn were awesome to work with.” Said Bhaskar Majji, the first graduate of our public speaking skill bootcamp, “It was worth my time and money to go through the program, I got more confident and my skills improved throughout the summer and I continue to use them.”

If you are interested in how our bootcamp can help you further your own career and advance your communication skills, please contact our Director Autumn Miller: with the email subject line: Public Speaking Bootcamp.





Steve Ingham

Graduate Consultant