LinkedIn Reveals Massive Redesign in the Name of Networking and Improved User Experience

LinkedIn, the company touted as the professional’s social network, recently debuted a major upgrade to their website. This redesign comes as no surprise for those following the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft this past June. Microsoft surely wanted to put their stamp on this new purchase.

The redesign will bring LinkedIn’s desktop presentation more in line with the look of its mobile apps available on IOS and Android. In addition, it will simplify the user’s experience by creating a streamlined look that eliminates any unnecessary background noise. Many of these changes take direct cues from similar features found on Facebook. Some new areas of note that saw the greatest overhaul in the redesign include:


The feed or homepage received, perhaps, the most noticeable overhaul. In accordance with its mobile apps, and aim to simplify clutter, the excess of unwanted ads and promotions are now noticeably missing. New algorithms in conjunction with a team of human editors deliver an improved selection of posts tailored to an individual’s specific industry and interests.

Search Bar

LinkedIn’s search feature also received a well-deserved upgrade. To align with its simplification of the main feed, the search feature has now been condensed into one universal bar. You can easily search for jobs, people, companies, and more using the filters found to the right of the bar.


The messaging feature of the website is now more forgiving to multitasking on the site. Rather than bounce between navigating the site and maintaining a conversation, a messaging box will now appear in the bottom right-hand corner allowing users’ to focus on the task at hand. The feature is reminiscent of Facebook’s Messenger. To encourage networking and further users’ connections, the messaging function will also feature suggestions for conversation starters and encouragement for users to reach out to companies in which they are interested.


While profiles did not receive the same drastic changes as the rest of the site, LinkedIn continues to improve user experience. Their recent overhaul includes practical hints and tips to help the user improve their profiles. These new tools act as a gentler guide towards improving your profile as opposed to the previously, marginally-effective 100-point system of rating.

For more information on the new look and to see a step-by-step demonstration and tutorial of the new features, check out this video from LinkedIn.

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Haley Fite

Undergraduate Consultant

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