Marketing Your Brand Through Graphic Design

The driving force behind an efficient marketing strategy is the clever use of graphic design. From message delivery to user experience, graphic design is an essential part of any marketing strategy for a business or organization. Graphic design combined with the correct marketing tools will help any business or organization to stand out from the crowd. Since graphic design is tactical, a business or organization should focus on the goals they believe in and the people they are serving before making design decisions. Here is a guide on how to market successfully using graphic design: 

1. Use the Correct Tools and Resources 

Taking advantage of available resources will help to ensure that your business has success with graphic design in marketing. High-quality tools will help to increase your understanding of how to reach consumers best. Some of the best online tools include: Canva Color Palette Generator, Canva Create Designs, Font Squirrel, Quick Sprout: The Complete Guide to Building Your Professional Brand, Hubspot and The Right Team.  

2. Typography is the Essence of Clear Communication 

Not only is typography the essence of clear communication, but also serves as the voice of a brand by evoking the mood, character, tonality and intention for a business or organization. Typologies should be as clear and consistent as the marketing strategy and should come across strong in all channels, including mobile devices. Typography draws people in and expresses the general feeling about the content the user is reading. 

3. Take Advantage of Contrast 

The appropriate amount of contrast between visuals and whitespace makes your marketing materials more stimulating and engaging for consumers. Contrast stresses what is important to your brand for the audience. Try considering contrasting size, value, color, and type when designing for your brand. 

4. Less Is More 

Taking a minimalistic approach when applying graphic design to a business or organizations marketing strategy helps to get to the point quick and makes it stick. Sometimes the best approach isn’t to ramble about your products or what you can do, because it can be hard to keep people’s attention. It is important to understand the power a minimalist approach to your marketing strategy has on the consumer.  

5. Make A Great First Impression 

A business or organization is judged by potential consumers within a few seconds based on graphic design, messaging and experience. Getting into the mind of consumers by understanding their problems, concerns, finances and preferences will help to make a great first impression. It is important to keep the design clear, consistent and engaging in just one glance. It is a “what you see is what you get” scenario.  

Nicholas Wurzelbacher 

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