Media Spotlight: How a Podcast from How Stuff Works, Works for You

During the summer, I worked eight hours a day watering plants at a local greenhouse. As you can imagine, such a task quickly became tedious and monotonous. The ability to plug into a pair of headphones was the one thing that made the work day enjoyable. Unfortunately, after listening to the same songs day after day, even music could no longer help. That’s when I turned to podcasts. A whole new world opened up to me. With the many hours I spent plugged in, I tore my way through a lot of podcasts. Of all the podcasts I listened to throughout the summer, my absolute favorite had to be the Stuff You Should Know podcast.


Stuff You Should Know is a podcast from presented by hosts Charles ‘Chuck’ Bryant and Josh Clark. The show airs a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday with the two hosts talking about anything and everything from public relations to juggling. I myself have learned about a variety of topics from chili peppers to dolphins to World War II and hot air balloons. The breadth of topics covered is what makes this podcast great for everyone.


The podcast is particularly helpful for professionals to get a broad overview of certain fields or industries. Past episodes have seen entire shows dedicated to the work of publicists and the field of personalized medicine. Those interested in technology may consider checking out their episode on the Internet of Things. Budding entrepreneurs can check out episodes on patents and Kickstarter, while those dedicated individuals who want to explore more about the field of communication and public relations can check out their episodes on body language or audience testing.


The hosts have great on-air chemistry with their off-air friendship spilling over into their witty banter and presentation of information. The show has been on air for a few years now, and their experience and growth clearly shines through in every episode. After listening to a couple episodes, I feel a personal connection to the hosts as well as to the many other listeners who form a community with Stuff You Should Know at its center.


I still listen to Stuff You Should Know even though I’m no longer working eight hours a day watering plants. The podcast has made me knowledgeable on subjects I’d never thought I would know anything about. This podcast definitely comes with my seal of approval, but you should check it out yourself and you may find yourself hooked just like me!



Sarah Waisner

Undergraduate Consultant



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