Next Steps for Recent Comm Grads

By Taylor Walker

Edited by Katy Randolph

Just graduated with your degree in Communication but aren’t sure what to do with it?

Communication and media have emerged as up-and-coming fields of study tailoring the way we communicate in: Journalism and TV & radio broadcasting; Intercultural communication; Politics and public administration; Speech and rhetoric; Business administration industrial relations and corporate communication; and Marketing, advertising and public relations. Communication invades every aspect of our daily lives, as you can see. Because there are countless options to choose from after graduation, a degree in Comm. can provide you with a dynamic pathway to customize your future career.

If you just graduated with your degree in Communication but aren’t sure what to do with it here are three possible options for you…

Public Relationspr

Median Pay: $57,550

A Communication major’s deep understanding of culture and public perceptions can lead to a successful fit in the Public Relations field. Public Relations specialists act as the middle man between a client or organization and the public. PR employees manage the flow of information – speeches, press releases, interviews, etc. – in order to cultivate a public image. If you love writing or social media this may be a good fit for you.

event-plannerEvent Planning

Median Pay: $45,260

Event planners coordinate meetings and conventions, ensure the functionality of written and visual materials, hire speakers and presenters, and so on. Essentially, event planners set the stage for the collaboration that drives much of industry. It’s an important and necessary position that utilizes the interpersonal, written, oral, and organizational skills of Communication majors. Love party-planning? This might be for you.



Median Pay: Varies from $18,500-$87,000

Much like those that go into Public Relations, sales is essentially the job of acting as a middleman. Whereas PR specialists aim to keep a client in good standing with the general populace, those in sales essentially aim to do the same between product and consumer. A position in sales is well-fitting for the interpersonal and speaking skills that you’ve honed over the past few years of your undergraduate studies. If you enjoy speaking with people one-on-one and have become a master of persuasion, sales could be a great option.


Of course, there are tons of other jobs in writing, advertising, foreign relations, journalism and more for you to choose. Hopefully these suggestions were helpful and good luck!!!