Personal Branding Tips

Personal branding, the process of marketing oneself and one’s career as brands, is an ongoing process that businesses go through to establish a lasting impression of their organization within the minds of individuals. There are several tips that can help you to refine and define your personal brand.

Realizing your branding goals is crucial to the successful branding of yourself and your company. Establishing what your primary focus is, and what you would like to accomplish, is the first step in establishing your personal brand. Another very important part of defining your personal brand is to define your professional story. Stories stick with people, and if you have a good professional story, people will remember you and your organization as well. Asking yourself simple, yet important, questions such as “what obstacles have I overcome?”, or “how have I changed for the better?”, will allow your personal story to come to you naturally and authentically.


Another tip for establishing your professional story is to tell your story to a close friend or colleague before sharing it with others. Getting feedback from individuals, and even hearing yourself share your story verbally with others, will allow you opportunities to improve your professional story.

Additionally, Networking is a key part of personal branding. Collaborating and sharing your ideas with other brands and organizations is just as important as collaborating with your own colleagues. It is important to learn about other brands and organizations as well, as doing this can benefit your own brand.

Finally, the last step is taking all of this and putting it into a cohesive brand, or mission, statement. After you have gathered all this information about yourself, your brand, and other brands and organizations, it is time to create a brand statement. This is a statement that collectively combines your professional story as well as the goal for your organization. Making a brand statement doesn’t have to be incredibly dry, or lacking personality. Some of the best brand statements include your own character traits shining through them, whether it be the vocabulary or sayings you use or even the way it is written. These quick tips can help to create and improve your personal branding strategies.


Author: Noelle Zielinski, Undergraduate Consultant

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